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Roxant Pro Video Stabilizer - Black

Roxant Pro Video Stabilizer - Black

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The Official Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer Limited Edition (Midnight Black) with Low Profile Handle for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon - or Any Camera up to 2.1 lbs. - Comes with Phone Clamp.


13.39 x 2.24 x 8.07 inches

Setup and Use


The Roxant Pro comes partially assembled in the box. The 3 weights are already attached to the counterweight arm, the camera mounting screw is attached to the upper arm, the reducer screw is inserted into the lower portion of the upper arm, and the gimbal is attached to the handle.

To complete assembly, you will need to use the included connecting knob to connect the upper and lower arms together. You will also need to attach the handle to the unit by screwing the handle into the reducer screw, which is located on the lower portion of the upper arm. (TIP: Don’t tighten the handle all the way until you determine the best slot to achieve proper balance.) Tighten the gimbal tension to attach the handle to the unit. Loosen the gimbal for use while filming.

A phone clamp mount is also included with your unit for use when filming with a smart phone.
Select units also include a GoPro mount for attaching a GoPro camera to the stabilizer.

IMPORTANT: Oil the gimbal. The ball and socket are metal on metal. A drop of lubricant will insure smooth performance and no squeak.

Prepare Video Camera before mounting and finding center of balance.

• Remove any accessories you will not be utilizing during your shots. IE) camera strap, lens cap, etc.
• Attach any accessories you will be utilizing while using your Roxant Pro. IE) battery pack, microphone, larger lens, etc.

Video Camera Weight: Although the unit can accommodate video cameras up to 3 pounds, we recommend staying under 2.1 pounds for comfort and best results. When considering the weight of your video camera, remember to include ALL elements of your filming rig including lenses, microphone, battery, etc.

Center of Balance = the point at which the camera weight is distributed evenly and the camera is “level”.

Center of Balance Adjustments: There are FOUR main adjustment points for obtaining the best balance for your camera. Utilize all FOUR adjustment points to achieve a center of balance for your particular camera.

1) Adjust camera placement by utilizing the slotted tracks at the top of the upper arm. This allows both forward and backward adjustment as well as left and right. This allows compensation for unevenly weighted cameras due to battery weights, lenses, etc.

2) Adjust handle placement by utilizing the 5 options for the reducer screw. (Note: a penny works well for loosening/tightening the reducer screw when moving to the various slots.)

3) Adjust the number &/or size of the weights used by adding/removing weights to the lower arm. Heavier cameras require more counter-weight; Lighter cameras require less counter-weight.

4) Raise/lower the lower arm utilizing the 4 connector mount options when attaching the lower arm with the lower arm knob. Drop-Time = the amount of time it takes stabilizer to drop from horizontal to vertical position (also: Drop Speed)


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