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Pulse Ultra Bright LED 108

Pulse Ultra Bright LED 108

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Roxant Pulse Ultra Bright LED Strobe Light (Metal Case) - Manual & Sound Activated Mode & Adjustable Flash Speed Control


5.75 x 1.75 x 6.5 inches

Setup and Use

3 1/2 Foot AC Power Cord
• Turn knob to turn unit on/off. This knob also controls the speed of the flash.

SOUND ACTIVE MODE ON/OFF (Lights will sync to your music)
• Set to this mode by turning the ORANGE knob .clockwise (after click).
• Adjust sensitivity to sound volume with the ORANGE KNOB.

STANDARD MODE (Manual Speed Control)
• Turn the ORANGE knob counter-clockwise until it clicks off to set to STANDARD MODE.
• Use the BLUE knob to adjust the flash rate.

For maximum effect in SOUND ACTIVE MODE (most lights with sound) set both knobs to
maximum. Experiment with different settings.


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