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Falcon HD Handheld Scope

Falcon HD Handheld Scope

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Authentic Roxant Falcon 10x42 High Definition (One Finger Focus) Monocular + Phone Adapter, Mini Tripod, Case & Lens Caps

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6.2 x 2 x 2 inches

Setup and Use

1. Remove one or both lens caps.

2. Grasp the scope in your hand, slip your hand under any attached strap, and place your index finger lightly on the Focus Ring.

3. Extend/retract the eye cup around the ocular lens as needed to ensure a full field of view -- even if you wear eyeglasses.

4. Look through the Ocular Lens while directing the Objective Lens toward the object to be viewed.

5. Bring viewed object into focus by slowly rorating the focus ring until you have a clear image.

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