Blackbird Spotting Scope


Authentic ROXANT Blackbird – High Definition Surveillance Scope With ZOOM, Fully Multi Coated Optical Glass Lens + BAK4 Prism. Includes Tripod + Case + Lifetime Support.

  • Compact Precision Spotting Scope With ZOOM 12x 36x (Includes Premium Portable, Foldable, Handled Tripod and Carrying Case and Lens Caps) 45 Degree Angled Eyepiece Allows Practical Comfortable Viewing
  • Rugged Non-Slip Rubber Armor Construction With A LARGE, “Smooth Glide” Textured Focus Ring ON the main barrel, (NOT a tiny separate knob above) + No-Slip Comfort Molded Grip.
  • Special Features – Extendable/Retractable Eyepiece For Use WITH Or WITHOUT Glasses + Extendable Sunshade Built Onto The Main Barrel To Reduce Glare. Large Objective Lens Allows Superior Light Transmission And A Bright WIDE View
  • High Definition Military Grade Optical Glass With Superior BAK4 Prism and Fully Multi-Coated All Glass Lens which guarantees superior light transmission and brightness for optimal crystal clear viewing.
  • Perfect For: Nature, Wildlife, Outdoor Activities, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Hunting, Survival Training, Target Shooting, Paramilitary,┬áBird Watching, Hiking, Camping, etc.
  • Powerful Enough To Be Useful, Portable Enough To Be Convenient.
    Lifetime Support and Preferred Customer Status Discounts On Our Other Adventure Gear.



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Most new scope owners figure more powerful is better. When it comes to spotting scopes, more powerful is not always better. Why? The larger the magnification, the less detail and clarity you will have. Without definition, detail and clarity, magnification is useless. The quality of the optics is the key.

Prisms: (The Roxant Blackbird Features a BAK4 Prism)

The quality of glass used in prisms and how finely it is ground can affect the sharpness of images. The two more common types are BK7 and BAK4. Generally, BAK4 is more expensive and considered better than BK7 for several reasons. One such reason is that BAK4 gives a nice round exit pupil while BK7 can produce distortion around the edge of the exit pupil as seen below.




(The Roxant Blackbird Features a Fully Multi Coated Lens)

Fully multi-coated lenses are typical of high-end optics and have multiple coatings on all lens surface. Better coatings usually result in more enjoyable viewing across all conditions.



Magnification: 12~36x
Objective diameter: 50mm
Field of view: 52-26M / 1000M Unit dimension: 232x135x78 mm Prism categories: BAK4
Exit pupil diameter: 4.1-1.4mm MIN. FOCAL LENGTH: 8m weight: 490g

roxant_eyepieceroxant_blackbird_2roxant scope and tripod


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