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Blackbird Manual

Blackbird fontBlackbird Parts crop


  1. Ocular Lens – Look through this to view objects
  2. Eye Cup – Extend/Retract for use with or without glasses
  3. ZOOM Adjustment –  Rotate for greater magnification
  4. Focus Ring – Rotate to bring objects into focus
  5. Sun Shade – Extend/Retract as needed to shade objective lens from sunlight
  6. Objective Lens – Aim this at desired object to be viewed
  7. Tripod Screw – Use this to secure scope to tripod
  8. Axis Rotation Lever – Use this to swivel and pivot scope on tripod. Loosen to adjust. Tighten to stabilize
  9. Ocular & Objective Lens Caps – Use these to protect the lens when not in use
  10. Tripod – Foldable when not in use.


  1. Attach the ROXANT Blackbird to the tripod using the  tripod screw (G).  Spread the tripod legs (J) and set the tripod on a firm support.
  2. Remove both lens caps (I).
  3. To make approximate sighting , adjust the  axis rotation lever (H) allowing the Blackbird to rotate on its central axis in order to direct the scope to desired object.  When objective is achieved, tighten axis rotation lever (H) to stabilize the scope.
  4. Extend/retract the eye cup (B) around the ocular lens (A) as needed to ensure a full field of view – even if you wear eyeglasses.
  5. Extend/retract  the sun shade (E) if needed to block out stray light on the objective lens (F).
  6. Bring viewed object into focus by slowly rotating the focus ring (D) until you have a clear image.
  7. Use the ZOOM adjustment (C) to intensify magnification of viewed object.  [Begin with ZOOM (C) at lowest magnification.  Adjust focus ring (D)  to focus object clearly.  THEN rotate the ZOOM ring  (C) to desired magnification.  Readjust the object with focus ring (D), if necessary.


  • Store your ROXANT Blackbird  with lens caps on the unit.  Use the included case and store in a safe, dry place, —  to ensure that the scope is covered and protected from dust.
  • Avoid touching the lenses with fingers as the salt and oils contained on the skin could damage the lenses.
  • To clean the lenses, use the provided lens cloth or a soft lint-free cloth.  Wipe from the center outward.  To remove and remaining dirt or smudges, add one or two drops of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth.
  • To clean the body parts, use a soft damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.  Do not submerge or use excessive water/soap as you may damage the unit.
  • Avoid banging or dropping the scope.
  • Do not dismantle the scope.

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