The Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer is a superior handheld dslr stabilizer with smooth pro glidecam steady vid action. This dslr rig is perfect for GoPro, Cannon, Nikon or any DSLR camera up to 2.1 lbs. Our unique design and construction provide “pro style” stabilization with less motion and shake compared to other handheld stabilizers. Shoot like a PRO with smooth steady-cam action. Shake-Free video with Our Superior Handheld Camera Stabilizer The Roxant Pro stabilizer will help you create professional looking, smooth scenes whether you’re walking, running, skating, driving etc. Our balanced no-shake stabilizer will give your videos that feature film look. Our system provides more stability with less motion and shake compared to other handheld stabilizers.

  • Great for indie film makers looking to move their films to the next level!
  • Use in tight spots, up and down stairs, through crowds, in cars, on boats, etc.
  • Perfect for GoPro, Cannon, Nikon, Lumix, Pentax or any other DSLR or camcorder up to 2.1 lbs.
  • Our unique design significantly reduces fatigue for longer, more elegant shots.
  • Solid superior design & construction
  • 3 separate counter-weights for precise balance adjustments
  • Comfort grip handle reduces fatigue









    • roxant says:

      You would most certainly only need the smallest of the 3 weights. Some Gopro users decide to use a few washers instead of the weights.

  1. ed says:

    hey, i have a nikon d5600 which ways in at 2lb but thats without the lens attached and with a lens like 85mm 1.4g (2.5lb) mounted on the body be a problems even if i buy or add more weights. basically totaling up to a 5lb load.

  2. gigi d'agostino says:

    When will it be available from amazon?
    In a few days or a few weeks?
    I’m asking because I need it for a project, otherwise I have to buy something else.

  3. Joel Chappell says:

    Hi, is this available to buy anywhere in the uk? There are very similar items on Amazon UK, such as the polaroid but was hoping to get an officail Roxant version.


    • roxant says:

      Currently we only sell in the U.S. Through Amazon, although you might be able to pick up one our our refurbished units through Ebay’s global shipping program. Just make sure the seller is ROXANT. I’m not familiar with the Polaroid.

    • roxant says:

      yes it is. We don’t sell any, so I don’t really have any recommendations. But there are several available on Amazon.

  4. Thomas Steves says:

    Do you have any factory seconds or damaged packaged discounted models of the Roxant Stabilizer Pro? I’m on a severe budget!

    • roxant says:

      Currently we do not. Sometimes we list them on EBAY, but if you check on EBAY, make sure the seller is actually us “ROXANT” otherwise you’ll probably be buying a knock-off version.

    • roxant says:

      This unit may be a bit heavy for use with a smartphone, but it will work. You’ll need a smartphone adapter.

    • roxant says:

      Hi Stefano, Thanks for writing. The stabilizer is made of aluminum. Aluminum corrodes but it does not rust. Rust refers only to iron and steel corrosion. Aluminum is actually very prone to corrosion. However, aluminum corrosion is aluminum oxide, a very hard material that actually protects the aluminum from further corrosion. But it’s probably not a good idea to put your camera gear near seawater anyway.

  5. Nicole says:

    Hi there! I’ll likely contact, but i just bought the limited edition midnight stabilizer and noticed that my weights are all different sizes. Or at least i have two that are the same, and one smaller. Everywhere i look, they are equally distributed—did i get duped with a fake or is this an update?

    I’m working to figure out how to balance my Nikon D5100, but this is actually worrying me a bit.

    Thank you!

    • roxant says:

      It’s an update. The total of the weights is the same, but they are now graded, which allow much more customization and weight combinations.

  6. Allen Jarrell says:

    Hey there, I was wondering if this stabilizer would be optimal or fit for use with an iPhone 7? I’m looking for a rig yo do my indie short. Thank you.

    • roxant says:

      We certainly have smartphone customers. the unit may be a bit large for a smartphone, but that hasn’t stopped others.

  7. Kabir says:

    Roxant Pro Stabilizer Support camera up to 2.1 lbs but my DSLR camera with lens weight almost 2.3 lbs. so, will it work properly with 2.3 lbs?

  8. Islam Adra says:


    I have the canon EOS 200d (rebel SL2) and was wondering if the ROXANT PRO stabilizer would work on this camera.

    Also, do you have any distributors in Dubai?

    Many thanks,

    • roxant says:

      If your rig is 2.1 lbs or under you should be fine. Sorry, we do not have distributors in Dubai. However, we may be getting into Europe later this year.

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